Phytoscience | Distributor of phytoscience Double Stemcell Africa

At Phytoscience, we are always in quest for better health and longevity. To achieve this, first and for most, our red blood cells must be clean, healthy and full of abundance.

Every cell of the body gets it nutrient from blood. Blood carries out a critical function of transporting oxygen and nutrient in our cell, getting rid of carbon dioxide and other waste product.

Snowphylforte helps to rebuild and replenish Red Blood Cells, boost energy and increases well-being instantly. Snowphylforte has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level.  Snowphylforte is formulated with snow algae and mulberry leaf extract.

Snowphylforte is good for calorie restriction which is a dietary regimen that reduced calorie intake. Improved healthy span and extended lifespan. Thus, slow down the signs of aging. Other function includes the following

Best aid in Gastrointestinal problems

Reinforced skin barrier

Better Skin hydration

Fight infections

Treat bath breath

Managing blood sugar and weight loss

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