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Double Stem Cell

Stem cells are comparable to spare parts in the human body. They activate when a cell wears out, giving rise to specialized cells that form the entire body system. This is how physiology works, showcasing the power of nature. Stem cell supplementation is at the forefront of nutritional advancements today. It’s important to understand that any […]



At Phytoscience, we are always in quest for better health and longevity. To achieve this, first and for most, our red blood cells must be clean, healthy and full of abundance. Every cell of the body gets it nutrient from blood. Blood carries out a critical function of transporting oxygen and nutrient in our cell, […]

Crystal Cell


Tomato-derived Phytoene & Phytofluene possess a distinct ability to shield against harmful free radicals caused by UV rays. Consequently, your skin will appear healthy and radiant, while your overall well-being continuously improves. It also safeguards skin stem cells, effectively delaying the natural aging process. This stem cell boasts a range of benefits including anti-aging, anti-wrinkle properties, and the […]


Boost muscle development  – Keep you feeling full  – Aid in digestion  – Speed up metabolism  – Enhance fat burning  – Lower cholesterol levels  – Prevent osteoporosis  – Suitable for vegetarians


Experience regular and healthy bowel movements. 2. Relieve constipation and promote digestive well-   being while boosting your immune system. * Aid in weight management and fat burning. * Enhance cholesterol levels and maintain proper blood glucose control. * Support the overall health of your digestive system, *Burn fat effectively.

Actual +

Consuming fruits, vegetables, and spices can provide our bodies with natural antioxidants that have the power to enhance our immune system. When our immune system is strong, it is capable of directly eliminating, defeating, or neutralizing any bacteria or viruses that enter our body. Consequently, an optimally functioning defence system allows us to heal ourselves. […]

IIQ Plus

A healthy brain allows us to focus, skillfully solve problems, express ourselves clearly, and so much more. The following are the functions of IIQ plus. * Enhancements in brain well-being, cognitive function, memory, and even mood can be achieved. *The risk of muscular degeneration can be reduced *Brain cells are protected from damage caused by […]

Miracle Intense Essence

Triple StemCell Miracle Intense Essence, made with a unique blend of powerful ingredients that have won numerous awards. This remarkable elixir helps to maintain the perfect balance within your cells, ensuring youthful radiance. With three types of stem cells and the revolutionary DermCom, this product possesses potent anti-aging properties. Be prepared for your friends to wonder […]


Shield your skin from the drying effects of the sun’s rays with Triple Stem Cell H2O Moisturizer. This natural moisturizer not only provides a defense against UV radiation but also prevents dehydration, keeping your skin healthy and protected. Say goodbye to further damage and hello to a radiant complexion. Reduces spots and wrinkles  Better skin texture and […]